Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Grimm Prequels 19-24 PLUS the Omnibus Edition are here!!!

Evil is A Point of View.

Hey peeps,

I'm excited to announce the release of The Grimm Prequels 19-24, the longest collection yet with over 300 pages of the dearest prequels to my heart. You can get your copy here:

The New Grimm Prequels on
The New Grimm Prequels on Amazon UK

And there is more....
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If you get The Grimm Prequels 19-24 within the next 48 hours, you will get a super-discounted version of The Grimm Diaries Omnibus for only $0.99 (the four books of prequels cost about $12 combined). The omnibus edition is over 1000 pages long and includes an older prequel that's never been published before, plus new and expanded 'author's notes'.

How it works?
1) Get the book in the next 48 hours. 2) Inside, there is a link for an email subscription. 3) Enter you email. 5)Make sure you confirm it by clicking the link sent back to you inbox (or junk folder.) You will receive a special email with a day or two with the link to discounted edition.
Finally, I could only thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the newest prequels as much as I enjoyed writing them.

PS. The paperback of the Omnibus Edition is on its way. Family (Insanity 7) will be available for pre-order soon.

Stay fabulous,

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Fisherman's Son New Grimm Prequel

The Fisherman's Son : Grimm Prequel #19


It's Fairytale Friday! That's what we're going to call our friday surprises until Christmas this year, so feel free to tag me #fairyday because that's what every friday is going to be for us.

So it's time for Grimm Prequel #19: The Fisherman's Son as told by the Fisherman's Son (not that creative, duh!) But there is a reason why. You'll understand by the end of the prequel.

So I made an extensive research to make downloads as easy as possible. Please read the following guide carefully so you can download your book and read it.

Let's begin with those who have no problem downloading. You can download your free copy here:

Other eReaders

Then, If you have a kindle, you will need to transfer this file to your kindle after download. You can read this short manual here to know how. It's very simple.

As for readers who successfully downloaded the books but on their phones, not an e-reader, make sure you download this software from Amazon first. It's also easy, and just a click away. You can find it here.

Then make sure you download the Kindle version above. Once you do, with the Amazon software already installed, the book should load automatically after download.

If none of this worked for you, please download the book from here. It's a third party app called Book Funnel. It has tons of solution. If you're accessing Book Funnel from your phone, scroll down and click the line at the bottom 'I already know how to download my book' and download your copy. You don't need to install Book Funnel  app at all. Also, I'm not associated with the app in any way. I am just trying to find as many download solutions for you as possible, so I can provide you with free books.

Finally, for those who like PDF click here, although I don't prefer PDFs because they are less formatted and have weird fonts.

And in case you're still stuck, email me back, I always reply within 24 hours. although it's pretty hectic handling 300 emails a day like last time.

And for those who missed last weeks prequel, I will make it available for friday and Saturday again. You can download it here from Book Funnel or here:
You can download your preferable format here:
Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 for KINDLE

Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 for NOOK & iBooks
Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 in PDF

I wish you a good entertaining read.

Stay fabulous,


Friday, July 10, 2015

C I R C U S : Insanity 3 is Available Now !!!

I am happy to announce the release of Circus, Book 2 is on it's way on July the 13th 2015.

I will add the purchasing links in a day or two.
In the mean time you can enter the huge giveaway on my Facebook Page H E R E !

(iBooks, Nook, and Kobo links will be available soon. However, if you don't have a kindle and want to get the book now, just get the book on amazon and then email me back so I can convert it for you) I hope you enjoy the book.

Thank you for your patience and support

Feel free to share the links with family and friends.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Figment : Insanity book 2 is available now!

I am happy to announce the release of Figment, Book 2 in the Insanity series. It's been almost a year since I released a book, so I am really excited about this. Alice, The Pillar, and Jack's madness continues--and we have an 'Author's Notes' at the end of the book this time.

Here are the Amazon links:

Figment: Insanity 2 on 

Figment: Insanity 2 on Amazon UK

(iBooks, Nook, and Kobo links will be available soon. However.if you don't have a kindle and want to get the book now, just get the book on amazon and then email me back so I can convert it for you) I hope you enjoy the book.

Thank you for your patience and support

Feel free to share the links with family and friends.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Giveaways : Paperbacks, Necklaces, and Gifts


2 Paperbacks of Insanity . 2 Insanity Necklaces. 2 ebooks of Insanity.

As I am in the writing mode again, and responding to your awesome emails, I will be hosting a few giveaways all summer. Let's start with 2 free Paperback copies of Insanity, plus 2 free (signed) ebooks, and 2 Insanity Necklaces, designed by the fabulous Esul Sin. Remember the Snow White Sorrow necklaces from last year (picture below) this one's even better.

here is an example of the Necklace:

In order win any of these fabulous giveaways, I will ask you to do TWO things:

STEP 1) Follow this link on my Facebook Author Page: and comment by answering this question:

What are three things you really want to be revealed about Insanity in
book 2?
(this is very important to me, and much appreciated. However, if you haven't read Insanity yet, just comment by telling me which of my books is your favorite, and follow step 2)

STEP 2) Share the Facebook post while you're on my Facebook Page.

The giveaway will remain open until June 27.
GOOD LUCK, Scoopies!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Insanity is available plus Pentimento and I Am Alive FREE for two days!

Okay, so it's been hectic but wonderful. But here it is. Insanity is available on amazon (for 0.99 until Christmas) and Pentimento and I Am Alive (rewritten) is are for FREE for two days.

Here are the links:

wish you a great holidays and the best of a new year to come:)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pentimento's Giveaway WIn Kindle Fire or Paper White and Amazon gift Cards!

Hey everyone and happy holidays! Wish you all a great and awesome Christmas and New Year!

Pentimento ( a dystopian fairy tale ) will be available on amazon on December 18th. 

Pentimento by Cameron Jace

Because it has a been a freakin' amazing long year with all of you, there will be a lot of great prices and giveaways this year.

A Kindle Fire or Paper White (the winner's choice), gift cards, and free copies of Pentimento. I arranged the giveaway below where you can enter the giveaway. Wish you all the luck.

Also, stay tuned for a free chapter of Pentimento soon.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Description:

The day Iris Beaumont turns seventeen, she is threatened to be taken by the Beasts, the rulers of the new America. After the destruction of the world, the Beasts provide citizens with whatever they need in exchange for the one teenage girl they enslave every week. They call them the Brides, and they never comes back. Iris isn’t the worrying type though; she’s been defying the system since she was ten and never cared for the Beast’s rules. Then she meets Colton Ray, who is not like any other boy she’s ever seen. His confidence and dominance are otherworldly she can’t rationalize the attraction she feels for him. Colton had one slight problem though. It’s rumored he is one of the Beast, and Iris could be the next on the Beast’s list.

Here is an excerpt of the book:
Chapter 3

The girls watched Eva Washington plod to her death. She shuffled barefoot on the red carpet, hardly breathing against the fear inhabiting her lungs. The tense muscles in her face wrinkled the features of her adolescent beauty. Iris watched the sticky tears in Eva's eyes thicken, and probably blur her destination to the Beasts' glowing spaceship.
Although the sun showed no empathy, still splaying its bright rays upon the scene, the Beasts' spaceship shone an even brighter light toward her. Iris thought it was ironic how the Beasts hid behind the glaring light. Instead of wearing metal armors or using the latest hologram technologies, they hid behind a light brighter than the sun.
"Someone should help her," Iris said, Zoe still standing next to her. "Eva's crying so hard, she can't see."
"My mother says that it's better to die before staring in the eyes of the Beast." Zoe commented.
None of the girls were allowed to talk in the Ceremony of the Beast. They stood on both sides of the red carpet leading to the ship, silently witnessing one of their own being sacrificed. The ceremony was a reminder for other girls, a torturing memory. Iris always wondered how the Beasts selected their Brides. Was it some kind of lottery? Did they follow a list with names? A prophecy maybe? Or did they choose the most beautiful? Iris was sure it wasn't the latter case. Last time, the girl wasn't as beautiful as Eva. Not even close. But who knew what beauty looked like in the eyes of the Beast?
Eva was still walking toward the Beasts' ship. She wasn't permitted a stop of any kind. Every reluctant step Eva took closer, the girls on both sides did their best to silence their screams. Some of them wiped the trickling teardrops from their ripe cheeks. The punishment of sympathizing with the Bride was as horrible as Eva's inevitable fate. To the Beasts, this was a happy day, which led many to think the Beasts actually married the Brides. A disturbing suggestion, Iris had always thought.
A sudden cloud blocked the grinning sunlight, shading Eva's wedding dress with a gray stain. The chosen girls had to wear an expensive wedding dresses to meet the majestic Beasts. Like any normal wedding, each girl wore their best make up and had their hair styled.  It was a painful process, being groomed while knowing one's horrible fate. No one could protest. It was the Law of the Beasts.
All girls were given a beautiful bouquet of roses, which were either synthetic or polyester, but smelled like real roses. For some reason, most things in The Second were artificial. The roses, as well as the grass in the local park, were as dead as the steel of which the metallic skyscrapers were built.
Eva wiped the tears from her eyes and began throwing random gazes toward the girls on both sides. This was the same girl who was probably going to be the Prom Queen, the same girl that everyone envied in school, Colton’s girlfriend. Now her gaze was shattered, like splintered glass across the girls faces. She'd meet your eyes, but you'd think she wasn’t even there. She became hollow, a fading portrait, soon to disappear in the Beasts' light.
"How could you be so cruel to me?" Eva snapped, talking to the ship's blinding light. "I was about to go to college next year. I was going to be engaged to Colton Ray next month! We planned to get married while in college," Eva continued, shouting at the light. "We've been planning to have two children; a boy named Jeremiah, and a girl named Flower."
Iris held her tears No girl had talked to the Beasts this way before. Most of them sank to their knees and pleaded for help. Some cried and fainted halfway through until elders had to carry them as close as possible to the ship. And some prayed as if they were in a chapel. Those were the brainwashed ones. They believed this was their fate; that they were going to die as a sacrifice for the other girls to live.
But none of them had spoken in such an emotional way like Eva did.  Her words reminded everyone that someone's life and dreams were being killed today. Still, most elders thought of the Call of the Beasts like natural disasters; earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes. Stuff like that happened all the time. And the Beasts, who ruled their world, must have a wisdom behind it.
Iris, unusually vulnerable, pulled out Zoe's phone and took another peek. The screen didn't show Eva's name. The Beasts didn't believe in human names. It read: Beauty 57135LL; Eva's citizenship identification number in The Second United States of America.
The horn roared again, buzzing into each girl’s bones. Instead of an answer to her question, the unseen Beasts were urging Eva to step closer toward her death.
The silliest thought crossed Iris's mind. What if she just ran into the ship and at least peeked in, to see what they looked like? If they had the right to take one of them, didn't they have the right to know who they were?
Before disappearing into the light, Eva took one last glance at the girls. She waved a weakened goodbye as the girls lowered their chins to their chest and laced their hands together. It was as if Eva, the school's queen bee, had turned into a contagious epidemic they preferred to avoid. Many girls were teary-eyed though. But most of them were glad they hadn’t been the one walking the red carpet.
Out of respect, Iris didn't lower her eyes. It was the least she could do. Why wasn't anyone doing anything about it?
In an unexpected moment, Eva caught Iris's eyes, and nodded back. Iris glanced behind her for a second, not sure Eva meant her. But she did. Not only that. Eva mouthed something to Iris, something that gave her Goosebumps. She watched Eva disappear behind the light of the ship, still not believing what just happened.
A second later, Iris caught sight of Colton standing second row on the other side. His blue eyes had turned into puddles of blurry tears. In front of him, girls raised their heads, most of them glad this was over. The ship's drone was deafening as it howled back up toward the sky.
Iris couldn't take her eyes off Colton, wondering if she should tell him what Eva mouthed to her. Who'd have thought that the queen bee, who treated her like shit, would ask this of her?

here is the link to purchase Pentimento