Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Kindle 1 -day Promotion of Ladle Rat Rotten Hut (The Grimm Diaries Prequels #4) postponed to the 25th

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut the Fourth Grimm Prequel ( a Red Riding Hood Retelling ) is going to be out soon. And Blood Apples, the fifth prequel will follow a week later or so.

Even though I did posted an event on goodreads for the 1 - Day Free promotion, I am sorry that I WILL HAVE TO POSTPONE the release to the 25th of JULY 2012.

Again, I would love nothing but to get your feedback on this one because it is a special piece to me. But I have been marketing and networking for the last two months in a way that made me feel that my head isn't clear. Ladle Rat Rotten Hut, and Blood Apples are finished but I am not satisfied with them. That's why I have to postpone it.

I can't release something I still don't fully believe in. I'd rather release Snow White Sorrow today if that was possible since it's finished and I know I like every word of it, but we already agreed on the October release.

I am also obliged to finish the I Am Alive series that has its own lovely fans who have been extremely supportive.

So see you on the 25th of July, hopefully i'll come up with a bonus giveaway as an apology.

And i hope your enjoyed Friday the 13th, my birthday:)



  1. I totally understand not wanting to release something that's not your best work! And I also know how hard it is to wait to release something that's already done...I'm in the same situation with my own book now, and it's not coming out till next March!

  2. I checked out your book. Sounds really amazing. I've always like the word Everville. Good luck with it Langgle :)
    And yes, although I am no perfectionist by any means, I need to love the work before it comes.

  3. Cam, It is better to have a good release than a hurried one.
    Blessings, Bill

    1. thanks for the advise, Bill. I just read this now. sorry for the delayed reply :)

  4. Totally understand, and a belated Happy Birthday!

  5. How come none of your books are available in the asia pacific location? *Pouts*It's not fair I don't get to read any of them for free!Oh by the way are you giving away paperback ARCs of Snow White Sorrow?If so,how can I get my hands on one?!

    Sorry about all the yapping.A belated happy birthday and love all of the covers of your books.XD


  6. Thanks Nobonite. I do my own covers. I had to learn how to:)
    I sent you an email with some useful details about the arcs