Saturday, September 14, 2013

Amazon top 100 Bestseller and the latest Grimm Prequels!!!

Ok, first of all, thanks to everyone who spread the word and loved the Grimm Diaries series with all their heart. It had been a bumpy road at times, but hey, we're almost there.
Today, I woke up to an awesome message from a reader telling me that Snow White Sorrow broke into amazon's top 100 bestseller list at #70. I could have never imagined having another bestseller in the same year. It much more than I could ask for (the first was Grimm Prequels 1-6 and it has been in top 100 thousand for almost a year now)

So here we are, close to third book in the main series, Blood Milk and Chocolate. And close to the first book of the Piper Diaries (Ladle, Jack, Peter, and Marmalade's story).

And not to forget the Grimm Prequels 15-18 is available now

It contains the following Prequels
15) Snow White Black Swan narrated by the Queen of Sorrow
16) The Pumpkin Piper narrated by Jack Madly
17) Prince of Puppets narrated by Pinocchio
18) The Sleeping Beast narrated by Angel Von Sorrow

You can get your copy here
for amazon US you can get here
and UK here

Again, no amount of thanks will describe how I feel and appreciate your support. What I really like about this is that I haven't even announced my two new upcoming book. I will soon. They are very different but I think you will like them. Stay tuned!

PS. I have a problem with the blogs comments  It seems like I can't reply to your comments. Feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter as I am able to so there.

Have a fantabulous weekend.

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