Saturday, June 9, 2012

10 ebook giveaways of Snow White Blood Red

As you might know Snow White Blood Red was free on kindle amazon for some time. It's due to amazon's policy that I can't give the book for free, and I can't sell outside of amazon for sometime due to a contract.
Since i got some emails still requesting the books, I decided to do the best I can. I am giving ten ebooks for as a gift through amazon.
If you're interested, send me and email at camjace [at], or just write your name and email in the comments.
I only have 10. And you don't even have to have a kindle. All you need to have an account. Please remember send me the email you use for the account.

and about the next two installment will be out next week I think. I already have them finished but I am trying to not give away of the plot as much as possible, and it's not easy :)

Thanks a lot :)

here is Snow White Blood Red on if you need to read about it Click HERE
Note: for everyone who complained about grammer, spelling, and editing mistakes -- and have already purchased the books -- I have an editor working on it right now. will notify everyone who has purchased the book with availability of a reedited version when it's done. I will also blog about it to let you know.


  1. Uh,I don't have an Amazon account but I'd really like to have a copy.Here's my email:

  2. Yeah, sign me up please! This sounds like a really neat book - thank you for the opportunity ^_^

    Amanda Fanger - fanger[underscore]amanda[at]yahoo[dot]com

  3. Awww thank you for that, I would love to have one =)

    So, my name is Angel and my email is:

  4. I'm in!!! Thank you :0)

  5. Aww thnks!!
    My name
    Aylin Garcia

    My email

    I do have an amazon account