Monday, October 1, 2012

Good News, Bad News, and my first Soundtrack!

Ok. Before reading anything, check out my awesome song!

Did you hear that??!! Please spread! So I was in the middle of my vacation and I remembered when the Monsters were singing Leo's song in the Playa, so i decided to change the song in the book from 'I Am Alive' to 'Sometimez' ( yes it's with a Z -- sue me )  This is one of the songs my band and I had recorded a couple of years ago, when I was still playing music. So right now, I am pushing this e-reading experience up a notch. Let's have Book Soundtracks composed by authors.

Readers and Fans will receive this song high quality soon when i re-release I Am Alive in it's new episodic form ( including book 2 )

Right now - enjoy the song and spread it around. I hope you like it.

So this was the GOOD NEWS. Another part of the good news is that such a short vacation helped me write more. I got rainbows and kiwi jumping out of my brain -- whatever that last sentence means. I discovered that i have wasted so much time with Internet issues without practicing what i love the most at the moment -- writing, that is.

And now for the bad news, which are not bad to me, but some of you will hate me for that.


I feel I am hit with tomato  in my face already. But hear me out. At this very moment, i have Snow White Sorrow and the second book Cinderella Dressed in Ashes FINISHED. I could just easily publish two books, each one 100,000 words, back to back. 

But I will not.

Here is why:
1) I learned a lot in the last months, and would like that to show in the books so I have to rewrite parts to make them better. 
2) I discovered that the series might have more potential than I have ever thought, so I will really revise it to death, so I am sure this is my best effort.
3)  Having helping online friends, supporting readers, and sincere editors is something I don't want to waste. I could USE all of you to make this much better * evil grin *, starting from helping beta readers to helping promoters.
4) I want to focus on I Am Alive for the next month. I know some of you are fans of one series and not of the other, but I don't want to start Snow White Sorrow having to switch to other episodes in I Am Alive at the same time. I Am Alive trilogy is going to end before the end of this year.
5) This is the most important. The Grimm Prequels taught me alot about how things are done and what readers like and which audience I am targeting with Snow White Sorrow. Since I made up my mind that the Grimm Diaries will hundred percent a young adult book ( I wasn't sure before ) I need to rework it.
6) So when, what, and how? I will post about it soon.


  1. Seriously delay the launch of the book? It's not fair Cam!
    But I'm glad that way you can improve your work. And I have time to read everything you wrote before, and make them each review :)
    And by the way, I love the song! It's great!

  2. Sorry Maya. I know I will have to apologize everywhere on goodreads, facebook, and twitter but it had to be done. I almost do everything alone so in order for the Grimm Diaries to come out right it has to be delayed even though I had planned the release on October which really suits it. We're talking January 2013 max ( i know that;s still far ) I will post about it in details:)

  3. You're right. A die of impatience before. But if you must, this is it. I hope you manage to get to the level that you want. In fact, I don't hope. I know you'll be! Good luck!

  4. You're quite the busy man Mr. Jace, but you're definitely proving that a writer's work is never done! I'm sure that everything will come out amazing!! :) As much as I was looking forward to reading Snow White Sorrow this month, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait :). Until then, I'll reread everything that I already have by you, and I might track down that other book you wrote ;).

  5. Candace! I am on the verge of actually publishing Snow White Sorrow any minute, but I really want to feel a big improvement in my writing and release for this one. And don't worry Blood Apples is coming out soon with some teasing excerpts of Snow White Sorrow. but right not we gotta finish Decca's story:)

    ps. what other book are we talking about? hmmm...

  6. Love the song... well done! I'm more than willing to be a beta reader if you need one! I have this horrible book addiction which causes me to blog all kinds of reviews all over the place. I've never been asked to beta read, though... that would make my day!

    1. I'll be announcing when i need beta readers very soon. Thanks Terri:) and I love your addiction

  7. I FINALLY got to heart the song (my phone wouldn't cooperate for some reason so I had to jump on the laptop).It's GREAT!! :) You've got a lot of great talents! :) I'm excited for whatever you come out with next, no matter what it is. :) I also offer to be a beta reader as well. :)

    P.S. It was a book that someone who reviewed it said could be a great movie ;)... You've become one of my favorite author's, so I'd like to read as much of your publications as I can find :).

    1. Candace. sorry I took so long to reply ... I finally back on the grid:)

    2. No need to say sorry. Everyone needs a vacation. :)

    3. It HAS been a very long month looking forward to whatever awesomeness you might be coming out with soon :)

  8. Good onya Cam! Looking forward to the releases you have coming up, and that song as absolutely perfect for I Am Alive. Love it!

    1. Suse! How's your writing going? I know you've been busy but it's time to finish that book:)

  9. Good advancement to use a timer, Miguel. It??™s simple to let time blooper abroad from you.

  10. Dear Cameron Jace, storyteller extraordinaire,
    I am a huge fan of all your books,in particular I Am Alive,
    and I just have one question, In America, they have the Monster Show
    but what about all the other countries? (I am from Ireland, so please make sure Timmy won't kill all the leprechauns!)
    I think you are a brilliant writer and i'm sure the book will be worth the wait!
    I am alive!
    P.S. Cameron Jace, I'm your future wife, and we both now it. ;)
    P.P.S. Just kidding.... ;)

  11. haha, you really made me smile lol I don't want Timmy to hurt the leprechauns. NO!
    thanks for all those lovely words. I've always been a fan of Ireland. will surley visit someday:)
    P.P.P.S you're welcome. just the fact that your name is Decca makes me happy:)