Friday, October 26, 2012

I Am Alive re-release, Blood Apples, and My Birthday Palooza!

Hey Everyone,
I Am Alive series is being re-released as an amazon serial where each book will be divided into 3 episodes. Here are the release dates:
I Am Alive book 1 episode 1 (FREE for three days)
I Am Alive book 1 episode 2,
I Am Alive book 1 episode 3,
and I Am Alive book 2 episode 1.

Since it's also my birthday, you'll get the five previous Grimm Prequels plus the 6th novella for FREE the same day.

 All the 6 novellas above free on 11/13/2012.
Snow White Blood Red
Cinder to Cinder and Ashes to Ashes
Beauty Never Dies
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Blood Apples (link added soon)

Plus, you'll get a free mp3 copy of 'Sometimez', the I Am Alive soundtrack. You can check out here:

All I ask is that you u to RECOMMEND  I Am Alive book 1 Episode 1: Nice Day to Die here: to everyone you can on Goodreads that day. ( there is a recommend button up next to every book on Goodreads, )
And purchase I Am Alive book 1 Episode 2: Wheel of Fortune  (0.99) that day to increase exposure of the series if u can.

LINKS on Amazon for the I AM ALIVE series WILL BE ADDED SOON.

(Readers who read & reviewed earlier versions of I Am Alive will receive all episodes free) PS.I know should've made a Halloween freebie but mys schedule deceived me:)


  1. Happy birthday and thanks a lot for this wonderful surprises

  2. Thank yo Bia:) Happy Halloween as well.

  3. Glad to here that. I also add my fictional plots to it so don't believe everything , Yuz:)