Monday, November 5, 2012

Alice Grimm Get Her Own Series

This is a brief post. You know that my rewriting of Snow White Sorrow is consuming everything ( even completing the I AM ALIVE series ) I can't explain but many writers know when a bulb shimmers suddenly in your head and most of the pieces fit into place. That's what's happened to me with the Grimm Diaries. So I decided to seize the day and put all the madness in my head on paper before it evaporates - I did that mistakes when writing I AM ALIVE. I should have finished the series right away when it was buzzing in my head. Also the fact that I already like Snow White Sorrow so much makes me enthusiastic with the new changes that can make it even better.

So while re-writing, I came upon Alice Grimm who was supposed to appear in book 3 of the Grimm Diaries. That's almost 600 pages away. And since many of you have kindly asked me about Alice Grimm since she appeared only once in Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder ( which is secretly my favorite of the prequels ) I decided that Alice Grimm is too much of an interesting character to appear so late in a series crammed up with other character.  So Alice get her own series. It will be lighthearted and fun, and if it works, she might cross over and meet up with the other in the Grimm Diaries. It will take some time to bring it out though.



  1. that's awesome about Alice Cameron but do you have any date for Snow White yet? Like any type of idea at all????? These dates that have passed are just killing me!!!! Love the prequels!

  2. Snow White Sorrow's release date will be mid February. I will be posting teh exact date here and on my facebook page:)