Monday, March 18, 2013

The Grimm Diaries 11-14 Cover Reveal and Giveaway

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Phew, that took long. 

First of all, there no Snow White Sorrow yet, but the Prequels are on the way. The lovely editors talked me against releasing them before making them perfect, but I have to say I want you to read them asap--and nothing really gets perfect, it's a lie. I will announce a release date in the coming days. I thought I tell you about the titles, narrators, and descriptions of each prequel. Also make a cover reveal for one of the prequels, which most probably will be the cover for the bundle. The Prequels feature the Piper, Children of Hamlin, Ladle Rat, the Devil, Jack, Hansel, Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Tooth Fairy, goblins, Sweeny Todd, Peter Pan, Wolfy, Marmalade, Jacob Grimm, and of course the Queen of Sorrow.

The Grimm Diaries 11-15: 

10.5) Happy Valentine’s Slay by Wee Willy Winkie The real Sandman Grimm sheds a light on what happened in Jawigi, and tells about how some of the teens in Sorrow spend their Valentine’s Day. 

11) Children of Hamlin by the Devil The Devil tells the story of the Piper of Hamlin, who he really is, the historical events he witnessed, and his relationship to Ladle Rat. Most of all, why they call him the Black Death. 

12) Tooth & Nail & Fairy Tale by Jack Madly Jack Madly stole a sack full of baby teeth from Bluebeard’s enchanted castle, which reminds him of when he first met the Tooth Fairy when he was a child; a memory he wishes to forget. 

13) Ember in the Wind by the Little Match Girl All the Little Match Girl wants is to sell her matches so she uses the money to eat and find shelter from the cold. But no one in the cruel city of crowded London helps her. Eventually, she learns something about who she really is, and it changes her life forever. 

14) Jar of Hearts by the Queen of Sorrow The Queen of Sorrow, still trapped in the Dreamworld summons Cassandra, the fortuneteller, to ask her about the identities of Lost Seven. The problem with Cassandra is that she’s cursed that her predictions will never be believed. The Queen is still determined to believe her, but it will cost more than she can bargain for. 

*A prequel called the Pumpkin Piper and another about the origins of Sleeping Beauty were postponed until after Snow White Sorrow. 

*I tailored this bundle to answer more questions than delve into characters. Two major plots will be revealed, and I hope you enjoy them:) 

P.S. If you can't see the full cover, click on it to see it larger. 

Lastly, an awesome reader said something that I liked in response to another reviewer who called the series lame and cheesy. And I'd like to quote her saying, "May the cheese be in your favor!" :D


  1. Oh, I can hardly wait. I am obsessed with the Grimm Prequels!

  2. In my searching the Amazon Kindle Book library, I found the Prequel Bundle 1-6 for free. I really enjoy alternate stories, ones that have the same characters but in a different story. I read thru the 1st bundle so fast! I love them! I think they are great! I bought the 2nd bundle (7-10) and cannot wait for the next one, 11-14! And I cannot wait for Snow White Sorrow. I am so excited!!

    1. I hope you like them all:) Snow White Sorrow is on the way very soon:)

  3. Maybe a dump question, but can I read Snow White Sorrow without reading the prequels or do I need to read any of those first and if so, which ones specifically?