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How Snow White Sorrow ( the Grimm Diaries ) came to my humble mind

Firstly, whoever discovered Nutella has my vote for president.

Ok. enough with my rant.
Since I hadn't written anything in my blog so far, I had to start with something. It's like that first line you struggle to write in your book, essay, or poem. As much as you want to write it down, you feel hesitant about it since once your commit to it there is not coming back.

Ok. Zip with the philosophy.

I wish that my blog will reflect me as a person, not as a writer or musician. Hopefully, I won't be dragged into trying to promote and talk about my books. This blog is intended for me to communicate with others who like the things I like. The writing comes second or third after being a human lost soul who loves all kinds of art to keep alive and have fun.

A week ago, I was able to add the synopsis and lovely ( at least to me ) cover on goodreads. Finally, the release date will be on October 30th. Will Snow White Sorrow be a good companion for Helloween? I guess so. That's going to be for readers to decide.

Luckily, I have started to have comments on the book and lots of people who claim they want to read it, which is just amazing.

The synopsis, as far as written until now ( I might change little things ) does explain what the book is about. There is just much much more that can't be explained or it will ruin the book. It kind of explain the first third of the book.

Since I don't want to give out much about the book, I thought explaining how the idea came to mind and what influenced me is the best way to elaborate on the subject.

Here we go:

As much as we all love books, it's rare when the subject is original and totally new. And that's what I wanted to write when I started the Grimm Diaries. No matter how silly and too fantastic the plot sounds, I was in mood for stepping into a new territory. One I can claim no one has written like it before.

After a lot of researching and reading and brainstorming, I came up with four ideas that I believed I haven't read about in novels before. Tarara! Proud of my little brain.

I googled and went to the library and asked my friends to find that three of them were actually super original which was amazing. Only they were so original, I was afraid to write. Imagine yourself coming up with something like Bram Stoker's Dracula, hence inventing the vampire genre, ( well a couple of writer's did it before him too ) It was too scary for me. So I thought I'd stick with the fourth idea:

What if Snow White was a vampire?

What a silly -- but original -- idea ? I thought to myself.

With all the vampire craze in the past years, I don't think I have ever read that before. So i researched if someone has ever thought about it.

the firs thing that I came upon at the time is the upcoming movie: Snow White and the Hunstman. Although I was impressed by the Evil Queen's part when I saw it in the trailer played by Charlize Theron, I though, nah, that's not it. I am looking for a better twist, something really original.

Then I cam about a short story called Snow, Glass, Apples. A short and precise masterpiece that deserves an Oscar by the one and only master of imagination Neil Gaiman. Even though he is one of my all time favorite writers, this little gem of a story slipped away somehow. I picked it up and started to read it, imagining that my fourth original plot is dead and gone. How am I going to write on a subject that Neil Gaiman wrote about. How dare I?

But after I read Gaiman's masterpiece, I thought something was missing ( with all due respects, I wouldn't compare myself to authors of such caliber )
But what was missing?
Two things:
1) the books needed to be longer, much longer. It had to be a series. An epic series. How come you come upon such a twist and just stop at about 5,000 words? I needed to know Snow White's real name, I wanted to feel her, now her, and the evil queen too. If there was one thing I didn't like about fairy tales, it's that there never mention real names and description. In the original scripts of fairy tales. You never know the evil queen's real name or motives. You never understand where teh kind, the father really is, what's prince Charming's name and back story. Details like these make masterpieces.
2) And this what really started the Grimm Diaries. How did the idea come to Gaiman's mind? Where in the subconscious would come up with Snow White being a vampire? Is there a historical significance to it? A hint that makes the idea plausible?

The only way for me to write a book about Snow White being a vampire ( after it was already done before ) was to find something to back my story up. Something to connect the threads, so it's not just a twist, but to make it a POSSIBLE twist.

So I did my research. And I have to say, if you used your imagination like I humble and hypothetically tried, you'd see that the possibility that Snow White is a Vampire is not that far fetched.

My references and researches are not based on rocket science. Simply on the original scripts of fairy tales and the origins they were collected from. If you read the scripts with a keen eye and a Gaimanesque imagination, you;d read between the lines, discovering that fairy tales are not at all how Disney presented them to us. In fact, fairy tales are so much darker and deeper, and literally more and more entertaining.

This is when the idea cemented itself in my offbeat brain. I am going to tell a story about the REAL FAIRY TALES, using historical evidence and scripture, and common sense to back it up.

Not that The Grimm Diaries is a research/debate type series like the Davinci Code. I am into that at all. I am all into fun, fantasy, young adult, and paranormal romance. All I did is create a world -- which in my case, is the world of dreams like in movies like Inception and Paprika -- to bind things together. And I cared of the characters and the adventure type. I wanted the quest for covering the books to be a Harry Potter-like adventure. Not that I claim I am s good as any of the honorable movies and books I have mentioned. I am such a humble writer, playing with a crazy idea that I would love to read myself in a book.

So not to make this blog overly long, I will explain more and more about the Grimm Diaries, and many other influences.
Lastly, I'll give you a hint of what to expect other than me trying to write a fun adventure. Did you ever wonder who the Evil Queen is? Who was it in the mirror talking to her? Who Snow White father's is? Why the dwarves preserved Snow White in a glass coffin? Why the queen asked the huntsmen to come back with Snow White's heart and liver? Why liver? ( in case you wonder, yes, she did ask for this in the original story? Why did the Brother's Grimm alternate the script on of the Snow White story -- fact -- one time mentioning the queen to be her mother and then claiming she is her step mother, and more.
Also why would a fairy tale book aimed with children start with a mother pricking her finger and relating blood to the birth of her own child?


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