Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why I love Tim Burton and my Mom

When I was a kid, my mom always insisted that I find a role model to follow as an idol in my life.
Even my dad who was rarely present, supported the idea, not knowing that he was my role model, whether he liked it or not, and whether he was good to us or not.
Then my teacher in school supported the idea too, insisting that we all choose our role models  the next the class, and the better be not our parents -- I didn't get it why elders didn't want our role models to be the mom and dad of every family.
Anyways, being quirky and commercially incorrect as I was as a kid, I chose Tim Burton.
I mean, if there was to be a role model, it would be him. Every movie Tim Burton produced or directed messed with spongy gelatin in my brains in a way that I appreciates much.
I started with Beetljuice, then landed on Edward Sissorhand, and then I was enslaved by his movies.
Of course, my teacher, she didn't know who Tim Burton was, so I thought I start by showing her a picture of Timmy. She freaked out, seeing Tim's uncombed hair and out of this world stare in the nowhere. I wondered if she would have a heartattack if she had seen Edward Sissorhand, my idol at the time.
Being laughed at in the class, and taunted by the teacher, I went home and told my mom and showed her the picture. Her reaction was no different than the teacher.
"What does this man do again?" she wondered with suspicious eyes.
"Make movies! mom." I said. "You want to see Beetljuice?"
Surprisingly, my mom agreed on watching Beetljuice. I guess she did form the stand point of parental control.
But then she loved it. She L.O.V.E.D it.
And the term Beetlejuice has become a secret code between me and her whenever we have unwanted guests. And she saw every Tim Burton movie since.

Yesterday she called me from miles away, making sure I will see Dark Shadows. I am almost thirty now, and I love Tim Burton and my mom.

My name is Cameron Jace, I am author of the upcoming Grimm Diaries series' first book Snow White Sorrow.


  1. I love love love your books what ive read butam completley confused!? Ive read snow white bloodred, ashes to ashes cinder to cinder and, beauty never dies... there awesome! I know snow white sorrow comes out october but what about " if butterflies could kill" " ladlerat rotten hut" "blood apples" and "dream within a dream" so lost are they outnow or later there so hard to keep track of!

  2. Thank Daniele for your lovely words:) About being confused, you're totally right. I haven't been explaining things due to the huge amount of work and marketing I was doing last month.
    But I will post a detailed page for the series with every explanation from the names and order of books, and will even add a wiki. I will send you an email once it's out. For now, I could tell you about the order of the First 5 prequels:

    1 Snow White Blood Red ( Released )
    2 Ashes to Ashes & Cinder to Cinder ( Released )
    3 Beauty never Dies ( Released )
    4 Ladle Rat Rotten Hut ( will be released on the 25th of july 2012)
    5 Blood Apples ( not yet released )
    6 Unnamed
    7 Unnamed