Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thanks to some awesome Book Bloggers

It's been a beautiful day today. Other than a lot of good things happening, I decided to release a kindle ebook this week. It's called Every Girl Dies, a dystopian fiction that I had written some time ago. I hope I mentioned that I have written 12 books before I wrote the Grimm diaries.

first I have my most grateful appreciacation and thanks to two Romanian friends who repeatedly featured me on their bookblog, even before I start any marketing for Snow White Sorrow

you can find their posts her:

Check out L's blog for many other reviews too

and here

That's Simona's blog, a very lovely blog as well and she was kind enough to feature me like El.

I will be always appreciative to the level of awesomeness

thanks you

Then, there there is this part where I have to explain the confusion about Snow White Sorrow's blurb which still seems to sound like another book or or even three. you can read about it HERE where I figured out where the confusion came from and what I am t do about it.

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