Friday, May 11, 2012

I think I'll have to change the blurbs of Snow White Sorrow

Although I am definite about the originality of Snow White Sorrow and the rest of the Grimm Diaries ( in fact, no one has ever rewritten fairy tales that way, at least to the very day ), I feel like I should change the blurb.
It turns out that another book has a lot of similarities with Snow White's Sorrow's blurb. Actually, I was told about a number of other books who had similarity, but one book stood out being repeated and referenced. It's called Anna Dressed in Blood. My second installment's initial name is Cinderella Dressed in Ashes -- my Cinderella is really dressed in Ashes. I can't say more about this or I 'll spoil the book. I came up with name from the famous Cinderella nursery rhyme: Cinderella Dressed in Yallow. Everyone knows this. So I guess that's the same with Anna Dressed in Blood, which I had to read the last couple of days, afraid that the similarities would go further than blurbs and names. Thank god, the two books are totally different. I have to point out that Anna Dressed in Blood is an amazing book. It's fun and scary and very original ( except of that the protagonist is very much like the chatterers from the Supernatural series, which is almost the same case with my protagonist. Except he is a Dreamhunter which I don't want to expose too )
Anyways, I gave it a thought, and decided I'll have to rewrite the blurb -- thank god this happened before I start giving away arcs which will be soon.
Reading the two blurbs, I only found the fact that the monster spares the hunter's life the most strangely common thing. And I will change that part very soon when I rewrite the whole blurb. In the Snow White Sorrow case, that Snow White will spare Loki's life is an essential element in the book: tiny spoiler: it's an essential element in the Snow White fairy tale itself. And she doesn't really just spare him, she asks him to save her instead of killing her. ( now I have given some of the plot but don't worry the story is much bigger than that. )
the reason why i thought that mentioning the life sparing part in the blurb would be good is that I don't want to give much about the plot as possible. It's really original. Never been done. And I wish you that like it if you read it. Let me say this about the major idea behind the Grimm Diaries. It's based on a imaginative fact that all books ever written are connected to fairy tales.

Hmmm .... I can't say more. lol

Anyways. I think I 'll change the blurb in a couple of days and will have to apologize to the reviewers who already commented on the similarities. And i really appreciate the reviews and comments or I wouldn't have noticed such a similarity. Again, thank to everyone who commented and will be commenting.

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