Friday, October 26, 2012

I Am Alive re-release, Blood Apples, and My Birthday Palooza!

Hey Everyone,
I Am Alive series is being re-released as an amazon serial where each book will be divided into 3 episodes. Here are the release dates:
I Am Alive book 1 episode 1 (FREE for three days)
I Am Alive book 1 episode 2,
I Am Alive book 1 episode 3,
and I Am Alive book 2 episode 1.

Since it's also my birthday, you'll get the five previous Grimm Prequels plus the 6th novella for FREE the same day.

 All the 6 novellas above free on 11/13/2012.
Snow White Blood Red
Cinder to Cinder and Ashes to Ashes
Beauty Never Dies
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Blood Apples (link added soon)

Plus, you'll get a free mp3 copy of 'Sometimez', the I Am Alive soundtrack. You can check out here:

All I ask is that you u to RECOMMEND  I Am Alive book 1 Episode 1: Nice Day to Die here: to everyone you can on Goodreads that day. ( there is a recommend button up next to every book on Goodreads, )
And purchase I Am Alive book 1 Episode 2: Wheel of Fortune  (0.99) that day to increase exposure of the series if u can.

LINKS on Amazon for the I AM ALIVE series WILL BE ADDED SOON.

(Readers who read & reviewed earlier versions of I Am Alive will receive all episodes free) PS.I know should've made a Halloween freebie but mys schedule deceived me:)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Am Alive Re Release, I Am Alive book 2, and Blood Apples

OK, First, all apologies for my long absence. It's been a crazy months, but it wasn't in vein.


As many of you know, I am rereleasing the I Am Alive series as a serial. I am not going to go into the reason now, but what you should know is that the series has been almost rewritten, its plot is tighter, and its character's way better, and of course it's all been edited professionally a zillion times. To those who have not read the series yet, I believe you will really enjoy it. For those who have and are looking for I AM ALIVE book 2, you'd be looking for Increscent: I Am Alive book 2 Episode 1.
Here is is how the series is broken down with release dates:
1) I Am Alive book 1 Episode 1
    Tuesday 11/13/2012
2) I Am Alive book 1 Episode 2
    Tuesday 11/13/2012
3) I Am Alive book 1 Episode 3
    Tuesday 11/13/2012
4) Increscent: I Am Alive book 2 Episode 1
    Tuesday 11/13/2012
5) Increscent: I Am Alive book 2 Episode 2
6) Increscent: I Am Alive book 2 Episode 3

To check out the series in detail, you can check it here on goodreads so you don't get confused:

As for the Blood Apples ( Grimm Prequel 6 ) will be available 11/13/2012 as well, along with the first 5 prequels for free too.

I chose November 13th because it's my birthday so it would be a nice celebration with all of these releases. Also the main reason for the serial is to give me enough time to finish r-writing Snow White Sorrow, which should comes after those release dates. I will blog about it soon enough:)

Thanks for the patience and all the support, I will post a goodreads event for the Birthday release with more details in a couple of days



Monday, October 1, 2012

Good News, Bad News, and my first Soundtrack!

Ok. Before reading anything, check out my awesome song!

Did you hear that??!! Please spread! So I was in the middle of my vacation and I remembered when the Monsters were singing Leo's song in the Playa, so i decided to change the song in the book from 'I Am Alive' to 'Sometimez' ( yes it's with a Z -- sue me )  This is one of the songs my band and I had recorded a couple of years ago, when I was still playing music. So right now, I am pushing this e-reading experience up a notch. Let's have Book Soundtracks composed by authors.

Readers and Fans will receive this song high quality soon when i re-release I Am Alive in it's new episodic form ( including book 2 )

Right now - enjoy the song and spread it around. I hope you like it.

So this was the GOOD NEWS. Another part of the good news is that such a short vacation helped me write more. I got rainbows and kiwi jumping out of my brain -- whatever that last sentence means. I discovered that i have wasted so much time with Internet issues without practicing what i love the most at the moment -- writing, that is.

And now for the bad news, which are not bad to me, but some of you will hate me for that.


I feel I am hit with tomato  in my face already. But hear me out. At this very moment, i have Snow White Sorrow and the second book Cinderella Dressed in Ashes FINISHED. I could just easily publish two books, each one 100,000 words, back to back. 

But I will not.

Here is why:
1) I learned a lot in the last months, and would like that to show in the books so I have to rewrite parts to make them better. 
2) I discovered that the series might have more potential than I have ever thought, so I will really revise it to death, so I am sure this is my best effort.
3)  Having helping online friends, supporting readers, and sincere editors is something I don't want to waste. I could USE all of you to make this much better * evil grin *, starting from helping beta readers to helping promoters.
4) I want to focus on I Am Alive for the next month. I know some of you are fans of one series and not of the other, but I don't want to start Snow White Sorrow having to switch to other episodes in I Am Alive at the same time. I Am Alive trilogy is going to end before the end of this year.
5) This is the most important. The Grimm Prequels taught me alot about how things are done and what readers like and which audience I am targeting with Snow White Sorrow. Since I made up my mind that the Grimm Diaries will hundred percent a young adult book ( I wasn't sure before ) I need to rework it.
6) So when, what, and how? I will post about it soon.