Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Read my Books for Free and Vote for the one I should publish in February 2019!

January proved to be an amazing experiment with me writing and publishing everyday. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea--if it's not yours, simply wait until the books are published on🤓
For you fantabulous readers who have read all through the month and commented and helped this get better, you get to choose my next published book in the month of February.
Chapters from the following books will be available on my website all through February. Four books, one gets published the next month! (well, Insanity 9 is on top of course so you can vote for the other three)
📙Holy Smoke (urban fantasy, adult, darkly funny) Carter Pillar chronicles as a younger professor, chasing after the Singing Bone, which is the Holy Grail of forgotten fairytales and fiction.
📕Princeless (action, drama, real world)
Venus Wild is a young assassin with a hit list 5 centuries old, and a journey of discovering her place in life. Already loved by many of you, thanks!
📗Wicked Witch of Wonderland
Per readers demand. Started as a short story a year ago, this retelling of Wizard of Oz is like nothing you have ever read before, featuring a friendship with Alice from Wonderland. I kept the plot and toned it down.
Has NOTHING to do with earlier books. A fantasy world of its own!
📘Insanity 9: Looking Glass
The end of the journey, or another beginning?
Please follow this link, Read, Comment, tell me what you like and what you don't. Insanity 9 isn't listed yet though.