Friday, November 20, 2015

The Fisherman's Son New Grimm Prequel

The Fisherman's Son : Grimm Prequel #19


It's Fairytale Friday! That's what we're going to call our friday surprises until Christmas this year, so feel free to tag me #fairyday because that's what every friday is going to be for us.

So it's time for Grimm Prequel #19: The Fisherman's Son as told by the Fisherman's Son (not that creative, duh!) But there is a reason why. You'll understand by the end of the prequel.

So I made an extensive research to make downloads as easy as possible. Please read the following guide carefully so you can download your book and read it.

Let's begin with those who have no problem downloading. You can download your free copy here:

Other eReaders

Then, If you have a kindle, you will need to transfer this file to your kindle after download. You can read this short manual here to know how. It's very simple.

As for readers who successfully downloaded the books but on their phones, not an e-reader, make sure you download this software from Amazon first. It's also easy, and just a click away. You can find it here.

Then make sure you download the Kindle version above. Once you do, with the Amazon software already installed, the book should load automatically after download.

If none of this worked for you, please download the book from here. It's a third party app called Book Funnel. It has tons of solution. If you're accessing Book Funnel from your phone, scroll down and click the line at the bottom 'I already know how to download my book' and download your copy. You don't need to install Book Funnel  app at all. Also, I'm not associated with the app in any way. I am just trying to find as many download solutions for you as possible, so I can provide you with free books.

Finally, for those who like PDF click here, although I don't prefer PDFs because they are less formatted and have weird fonts.

And in case you're still stuck, email me back, I always reply within 24 hours. although it's pretty hectic handling 300 emails a day like last time.

And for those who missed last weeks prequel, I will make it available for friday and Saturday again. You can download it here from Book Funnel or here:
You can download your preferable format here:
Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 for KINDLE

Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 for NOOK & iBooks
Friday the 13th : Grimm Prequel 18.5 in PDF

I wish you a good entertaining read.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

C I R C U S : Insanity 3 is Available Now !!!

I am happy to announce the release of Circus, Book 2 is on it's way on July the 13th 2015.

I will add the purchasing links in a day or two.
In the mean time you can enter the huge giveaway on my Facebook Page H E R E !

(iBooks, Nook, and Kobo links will be available soon. However, if you don't have a kindle and want to get the book now, just get the book on amazon and then email me back so I can convert it for you) I hope you enjoy the book.

Thank you for your patience and support

Feel free to share the links with family and friends.