Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Giveaway! 2 $10 amazon gift cards.

Hi, I know I haven't been communicating the last week. It has been a little hectic, writing, working, and living. lol.
Without talking too much, and like always, I can't express my thanks for readers who support me ( most of you support the Grimm Diaries characters more actually. lol ). I am glad I was able to host this giveaway in the last minute, because I wanted the winner to be able to use the gift cards on February the 14th.
Like last month, the giveaway will be split between me and Bella Geoffreys. She has released her first book, and you could check it out here:

Winners will be announced Valentine's Day afternoon, so you can use it the same day. Wish you all the best
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if any of the winners don't pick up their gifts by tonight, I will try to rechoose someone else.