Sunday, December 30, 2012

Girl With Golden Eyes Removal

Hey everyone,

First of all, I wish you had awesome holidays and hope the new year brings us all the best we desire (especially those things we wished for last year and didn't happen. Got that, Santa!!??)

So, I'm going to do something that is not professional at all for any aspiring writer, but since I consider myself an experiment, and I have no shame in learning and staring back at my flaws (it's the hardest part, believe me), I'm going to remove Girl with Golden Eyes book 4 of I Am Alive series, and REWRITE it! The first three episodes are on a discount right now for 0.99 here if you're interested by the way

Why am I doing this? Because the similarities with Catching Fire of Hunger Games. You know my great passion right now is the Grimm Diaries, but I Am Alive always has potential to be a better series (it was the first thing I published)
Before proceeding, you should know that I had only read about 50 pages of the Hunger Games first book in  the past, and I knew that even with similarities, I Am Alive is a totally different series with a different protagonist and theme.

In a weird way, people pointed at the similarities between The Girl Who Was On Fire and the Girl With Golden Eyes. For those of you who know about my older writings, about five years ago, I had a story called the Girl with Golden Eyes so I thought I'd use the idea in I Am Alive book 2. But when readers pointed it out, I had to read Hunger Games, the whole trilogy, and I didn't find it so close. It's like the similarities between the lines of  Star Wars 'May the Force be with You' and Hunger Games 'May the odds be with you'

But anyway, it's not a matter of similarities as much as that I've grown as a writer, and have learned alot in the last six months. You can't imagine what I've learned from readers as much as learning the craft of writing itself. So the decision to remove the Girl with Golden Eyes was made because if there was one other thing I learned, then it's that people do compare their favorite books to yours (I do that as a reader all the time lol) For those of you who have read the Grimm Diaries, you know how original I can be, so why not work harder to get the I Am Alive series to be really better. I had nothing but great emails about book 1-3 so far. So I'd like to live up to this in book 4, and I'm going to change the storyline and live up to the spirit of the first book.

I know this will cause trouble to some of you who have bought book 4:The Girl with Golden Eyes, but you've been kind enough to me, and tolerated the Grimm Prequels since the first day when the books were unreadable and confusing. I couldn't do it without you, and look where that has gotten the series on amazon's bestseller lists now. So expect the newly written book 4 soon, totally different and true to the spirit of book 1. If you had purchased book 4, write me an email when the new version comes out and i will send it to you free.

Feel free to ask any questions if you like. I know it's a confusing manner, but I think with three months from now when we look back at this post we'll be happy I did this.
One last things, thanks to the reviewers who pointed out to the similarities. Your reviews were read and taking into consideration.

I appreciate your understanding in ways I can't describe


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free New Years's Eve Giveaways!! Plus Grimm Prequels & I Am Alive Bundle!

Forgive me if I'm bit too enthusiastic, but The Grimm Prequels reached no#1 in the Teen Horror category on a couple of days ago, and although I'm not totally convinced I deserved to stand before such amazing titles (I'm still trying to learn tons about the craft of writing everyday), I can't help but brag everywhere about this. (My dad joked that this was Photoshoped when I sent it to him and hates me for messing up fairytales, and a friend of mine asked me when I'm going to write about a girl who saves the world, I told her Decca probably will, and she said that she will read the book then)

Did you see that?!! Holy Fairy Taily Crap! But then again, this was done with help of you and an infinite number of readers and bloggers who helped spread those little stories. I tried to make a list of my Scoobies -- that what i call my readers now --  but the names are infinite I think will try to mention everyone in the release of Snow White Sorrow. Will make some kind of a HUGE thank you list before the introduction.

So enough with my jabjab. Here's the New Year's Giveaway. I wanted to offer more Gift Cards but I need to purchase cover rights for upcoming books so let's stick to that for now. Winners will also get free copies from all my books, electronically signed and addressed to their names.
The Giveaway will end on the 31st of December so hopefully  if you're a winner, you could start the new year with a new gift :)

Cam - I'm full of flaws, but I'm getting better everyday :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Margianna Arvaniti

Laura Stockman

You've have recieved emails from me and amazon by now with the winning details. Wish you and all who participated a Happy New Year. Also, I can't tell you how much you're comment and new year wishes were  fun and awesome to read. I discovered that most of us want just the same things lol

Stay tuned for new Giveaways. I've talked to people I know who might be able to sponsor these giveaways so I can keep them all year long:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Free Christmas Book Giveaways!! and Grimm Prequels Bundle!

So it's the time of year when everyone should in the mood of fun and joy. Whatever the last year brought onto us, good or bad, you can't deny the good vibes in the air. I'll be trying my best to put out the best giveaways possible, so first here is a 2 $10 Gift Card Giveaways below. You just have to like my facebook page and as usual call someone you haven't for a while. It's holidays! Two winners, each one a card. The giveaway end next Wednesday, the 19th of december.

I'm also offering The Grimm Prequels 1-6 for 0.99 (that's 6 for the price of 1) for the 12th and 13th of December. I'll also try to do that with I Am Alive next week, but I'm not sure.

For readers who are interested in Snow White Sorrow ( seriously, I'm trying my best to finish the rewritings) you get a new offer. If you like my facebook page, you get the secret first-day release day on February 2013 ( or maybe even sooner ) where the book will be for 0.99 for the first 24 hours.
here is the link on

Thanks for the support and wish you all and your families the best this and the next years, and next, and the next :)

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First Winner, picked through rafflecopter:

Kerry Amburgy-Dickson !

Second Winner, picked through 

Ron Pratt!

please check your emails for special Grimm Prequel copies and the gift card giveaways:)

I will be hosting another giveaway soon ( have to see if won't go broke first lol ) but really soon:)

Ps. sorry I didn't use any of those winning gifs. will do next time. they look funny.