Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mary Mary Quite Contrary - Grimm Prequels 5

    Ok. Finally Mary Mary Quite Contrary is finished. Surprisingly, it's  as short as Snow White Blood Red. That's because it's straight to the point. You get to meet Mr Devil, and learn new things about Peter Pan, Brothers Grimm, Ladle Rat Rotten Hut, and of course you get to meet Mary ( whoever trat is )
    This prequel, although short, took the longest to write. It's because it has a certain message that I want to get across without spoiling too much about the Fairy Tale World. And seriously, at least to me, it has one of the most original twist I have ever read. It's one one of those twist that totally make sense as if it's not a twist at all. Also this prequel is different and darker in a good, silly, childish kinda way.
    One of the best things I like in this prequel that it will explain a controversial scene at the end of Snow White Blood Red. I hope this we let get used on things that sounds vague in one prequel but will always be explained later. I always plan before hand.
    I have sent to beta readers to get their opinion on it first, so I haven't decided when I will make it available for free on amazon.com. Like always, the days it will be free, it will have the four previous prequels free as well. This time, they finally professionally edited.

So until then, and don't forget to take a chance of the Free Book second giveaway here

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