Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free New Years's Eve Giveaways!! Plus Grimm Prequels & I Am Alive Bundle!

Forgive me if I'm bit too enthusiastic, but The Grimm Prequels reached no#1 in the Teen Horror category on a couple of days ago, and although I'm not totally convinced I deserved to stand before such amazing titles (I'm still trying to learn tons about the craft of writing everyday), I can't help but brag everywhere about this. (My dad joked that this was Photoshoped when I sent it to him and hates me for messing up fairytales, and a friend of mine asked me when I'm going to write about a girl who saves the world, I told her Decca probably will, and she said that she will read the book then)

Did you see that?!! Holy Fairy Taily Crap! But then again, this was done with help of you and an infinite number of readers and bloggers who helped spread those little stories. I tried to make a list of my Scoobies -- that what i call my readers now --  but the names are infinite I think will try to mention everyone in the release of Snow White Sorrow. Will make some kind of a HUGE thank you list before the introduction.

So enough with my jabjab. Here's the New Year's Giveaway. I wanted to offer more Gift Cards but I need to purchase cover rights for upcoming books so let's stick to that for now. Winners will also get free copies from all my books, electronically signed and addressed to their names.
The Giveaway will end on the 31st of December so hopefully  if you're a winner, you could start the new year with a new gift :)

Cam - I'm full of flaws, but I'm getting better everyday :)

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Margianna Arvaniti

Laura Stockman

You've have recieved emails from me and amazon by now with the winning details. Wish you and all who participated a Happy New Year. Also, I can't tell you how much you're comment and new year wishes were  fun and awesome to read. I discovered that most of us want just the same things lol

Stay tuned for new Giveaways. I've talked to people I know who might be able to sponsor these giveaways so I can keep them all year long:)


  1. Don't have Twitter, but I did share on Facebook and will head to Goodreads now. Thanks again Cam!

  2. Very excited for the new giveaway. I have been down in the dumps lately with health issues again and your books have always kept me company. I cant wait for the next books to come out so I can read or rather listen to them on my kindle!!!! Thanks again! :D You rock!

    1. your welcome, hope you'll get soon:) the next prequel is coming out soon too:)

  3. Well deserved. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Thanks Wonderwoman, much of it was because of your posts as well:)

  5. Congratulations! I hope your books stay on No. 1 for a long time to come!

  6. Thanks Lynn:) That would too much to ask for now. I am looking forward for the future books to do good as well.

  7. Congrats! I love your work, I am looking forward to Christmas day when I get a new Amazon gift card to finally finish your "I am alive series" that I wished I knew about when it was all one book :( LOL
    <3 one of your biggest fans!!!

  8. Hey Sarah, thanks and happy holidays:) wait for the I am alive series, it going to be released as bundle soon. It's also available as whole book until 31st of December for 0.99:)

  9. Well will definitely win...donno worry for anything we all are with you...
    Burun Esteti─či