Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Grimm Diaries Prequels FAQ 1

I got a couple of questions about the Prequels. Before I start, I can't explain my appreciation to everyone who took the time to read and review the novellas. I am certainly lucky to have people spread the word and I have to mention that I am self-published, I am proud to be Indie ( I was published once when I was a teen under another name but it didn't go that well and I cherish writing on  my own )

Before I answer these, I want to point out that the books are linear and not complicated at all. In order for me to write a prequel it is impossible to write the linear part because I will be spoiling the whole series. So if you ever feel that the Dreamworld is complicated, don't. In the main series, everything works easily and you only get to know a certain information at the right time so the rythem of reading is not interrupted.

The Prequels are by no means a necessity to read the main Series. Not at all. In fact, it would be more fun to go back to the prequels between books in the Grimm Diaries series.

Ok.This post will answer lireah, Lily, and Katniss and Tessa's questions
I summed them up into points:

1 Why were the prequels written
the prequels were written last week to clear the confusion about that Snow White Sorrow is a rip off of so many other books, and also a good tool for me to spread the word. In truth, I know that the prequels will be confusing to many readers because of the so many different point of views and so many different stories.

2 What is the timeline of the Prequels?
   The answer might be strange: There is no timeline. For two reasons:
  1 The Grimm Diaries are a book in which Sandman Grimm seals the relived fairy tale stories every one hundred years. Anything written in the prequels is debatable. It means that they could be lies. that's why they are not attached to the real Diary. ( hence, the main series )
  2 The Dreamworld is simply the world we create while we're asleep. When a Dreamhunter enters the dream of an Immortal ( which is explained how in details in the main series ) they either enter a memory or a manipulated dream ( spoiler: some immortal have learned to control their dreams. )

3 You mention all prequels will be fairy tale characters ( Alice Grimm? )
    I can't answer this. Oops. But I'll answer part of it, which you will hate me for.
    Remember when the queen mentioned the power of names? And when it was explained that fairy character don't know who they are?
    Also I got a couple of reader loving Alice. I hate to say she will not be present for the first two books. ( but she will have a story of her own soon ( a much longer story that I will put on amazon )

4 Who is the Alice behind the curtain? Is she the same Alice?"
    Yes. How come? Remember that curtain scene in Jacob's Grimm's dream which the Queen entered with the help of a dreamhunter. Alice entered this dream too to extract information about the Queen. And remember that Alice found the Queen's mirror coins in the glass slippers? It means that the queen somehow entered Alice and Loki when they entered Bianca's dream ( and she might have hurt Bianca on the boat ) This gives you an insight of how the Dreamworld happens.

5 Will this point of view changing be present in the main series? because it is confusing.
   POV's will change in each book in the main series, but it will not be confusing at all. What is confusing the prequels is the changing POV plus the timeline plus the dream.
I'll spoil another small thing in the series here. In the first book Snow White Sorrow, we meet Loki ( he is one of three main character. although it might look differently because there many character, it's not. Loki, Snow White, and another character are the main throughout the series and the main villain is the Queen. )  So in Snow White Sorrow, Loki goes to kill Snow White in her castle and discover a shocking twister and the story goes on. Then in Cinderella Dressed in Ashes, Snow White takes over telling the same story same story Loki was telling ( so no timeline confusion ) and Loki becomes a character we see from Snow White's POV. and so on ,,, in the third book a new character takes over, telling the same story.

6 Will Alice be a main protagonist?
   No. I know some of you showed their fondness toward Alice but wait and meet Snow White, Elektra, Blair, and Zizzy ( yes his name is Zizzy :) ) they are Alice's age.

7 You said your book is optioned for film. Were the heck did that come from?
   two readers pointed out to a post that I wrote about the books mentioned for film.
  I have no idea about this. The books are not mentioned for film. I do have one of my older books under a different pen name optioned for film since a year ago and no one ever tells me if it will work. It was mentioned for French cinema and it's not a young adult book so it is really different.
If you have a link for that article that said that , please mention it to me.

8 You have tons of grammar and  spelling mistakes. what the heck ( double heck ) was that!
   Guilty as charged. lilreah offered to mention the mistakes to me. Please do. If you can mention it to me, you're helping me tons.
   Also I had some reviews say that my writing is so bad ( some said so good )
   by all means, anything that will help me improve my writing, if you take the time to tell me what it  is exactly, I will owe you much.

finally, for those confused by the prequels. Forget about the many details. Be just introduced to  the characters, and know that the seven dwarves aren't dwarves. They are real characters, each connected to one of the items Snow White found in the cottage in the original tale. If I say more, I will have to spoil more and more.




  1. Thank you for answering all of my questions so quickly! I have a better image of what is going on now in the whole series.

    In the 5th paragraph of this post: You mentioned a book optioned for film...I was just curious as to which book so I can read it.

    Also, I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was intentionally withholding the mistakes. I'm just not sure what the etiquette is for this stuff (posting questions and errors). Where should I send any errors I find?

    I had just finished reading your book I am Alive and was wondering if you have an idea of when the next book will be released or how many books total will be in the series (I like knowing that a series will eventually conclude).

    So, I was wondering if you could add tags to each post to make it easier to find posts...Actually, I dislike blog layouts in general and prefer a website view to make it easier to find books by the author, read posts, or see any books coming soon. I'm not sure about blogspot, but I know wordpress is free and has great templates.
    It's just a suggestion and my opinion.

    I have a tendency to be curt, brutely honest, and sometimes ignorant of how my intended phrases can be read in a hurtful manner. If that occurs, let me know.

  2. I will later announce the book announced for the film. It's a dark psychological book that I am not so fond of now. But I'll definitely let you know.
    There is no etiquette with me. just tell me what you think. Feedback is always good for me. you can send me the mistake on my email camjace [at]
    I Am Alive will be three books. I am not marketing it right now because it needs major editing.
    As for sequels, I believe the best thing is to have your three books finished in advance. I did this with the Grimm Diaries. I have written the first three books. That's why I am going to publish them with a 2 months span:)

  3. I'll send them as soon as as I finish rereading the books ^^. Lols, I was kinda surprised when I saw how quickly the Grimm Diaries will released on Goodreads. It's great that they will be available fast while the plot is still pretty fresh in my mind. Thanks again for responding and looking forward to your releases!