Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thinking out loud

So the last month was really hectic for me. I had to do all the marketing and write the prequels as fast as I could.
The cons: the writing came out hurried and shattered, and I haven't been behind on my real writing schedule, and extremely tired.
The pros: All feedback, positive and negative, did shine a light on my strengths and weaknesses ( although the prequels were in no way a true reflection to how I write, and as I said I am not a writer. I am storyteller ) But the feedback is just awesome to me, and I can't thank you enough. Everyone who spent a portion of his or her time to read and review has helped me a great deal.
Also, the feedback made me learn things about my story, and how thing will turn out. I am not going to complain that the reason I have done the prequels was mainly to end the endless discussions claiming that my work was stolen ideas from other. And that's really enough for me.
As for those I have really hurt with the way the prequels were written and unedited ( not everyone was hurt by that though ), I hope you will like the edited versions.
At the moment, I can't put out the 3d prequel, even though it is by far my favorite. The reason is I have an editor working on the last two prequels which will notify you once they are edited and you will be able to re-download the newer and better versions soon.
Until then, I will be happy to disappear for while  so i can finish the writing I have to do. So far The Grimm Diaries one and two are fully finished and edited ( believe it or not lol ) and I have to finish another series that I have started. Although editing costs alot, it's inevitable. I have enrolled in writing classes again in august so I get better and better.
One thing you don't know about me is I never give up.

So again thank you thank you thank you for every word you read or have written about the prequels.

And finally, since I have been asked, about my twitter account it is @cameronjace
It wasn't like was holding out on it. It's only that the account is my personal one as a human being and not a wanna be writer but now I understand that both are one.


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  1. Cameron, good on you for being honest mate! It is unhealthy to pretend that everything is alright all of the time. I think that is one of your are honest about your weaknesses and you go about bettering yourself in those weaknesses (did that make any sense???). I cannot wait for your new books to come out and I am glad to hear that you are not one who easily gives up. Now go and get some sleep so you can dream up even more awesome stories!