Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blood Apples and I AM Alive book 2 episode 1 Are OUT

I will post another blog on Sunday with all the freebies I am offering on my birthday week.
For now, I am happy to say that Blood Apples, Grimm Prequels #6, I Alive book 2 episode are out 

here is the link on
and here is the link on

Also, you might know that I am releasing I Am Alive as a serial where each book is 3 episodes, now edited, revised and much better.  So the episodic release is out too. Episode 1 of book 2 as well
Below you'll find links to the episodes:

I Am Alive book 1 ( 3 Episodes ) :
1 Nice Day to Die ( book 1 episode 1 )
2 Wheel of Fortune ( book 1 episode 2 )
3 Through Your Eyes ( book 1 episode 3 )

I Am Alive book 2 ( Increscent ) ( 3 Episodes ):
1 Girl with Golden Eyes ( book 2 episode 1 )

If you're wondering why releasing I Am Alive as episodes is because I'm crammed with finishing Snow White Sorrow ( which is already late ) and I didn't want you to wait long to know about Decca, Leo, and Woo. This way I am able to add a new episode soon enough while working on Snow White Sorrow.

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