Saturday, November 17, 2012

Joy and Sorrow

Although I am looking forward for you to read Snow White SORROW very soon, I can't express how much JOY certain emails bring me. I mean writing as a second job can be really exhausting but it's little things like two email I received recently that make feel like 'Wow. I never got response like this from anyone when I did my job which actually pays me really money.'

But it's not the money, it's the dumdi-dar-ra-rum-rum! and you know what that is? Appreciation and most importantly  SHARING.

I've always wanted to make a weekly blogpost about Readers of the month or the week, but I couldn't because there so many kind readers to me who helped in every way possible, and when I made a list, it was too big. So I decided to start with two amazing woman/girls who sent me two lovely emails recently.

The first one is a 65 year old woman, who has a happy tone and voice in her writing you can't think but that she is much much younger. Her name is Sandy ( I will not mention family names ) and she did write me one the loveliest emails about 'I AM ALIVE' and how the book made her happy. I won't be saying everything in the email but it made my day that my writing made her so happy.

Last, but definitely not least, is Heather, who is disabled, but is a hundred times stronger and energetic than Decca. Heather wrote to me about how this book was one of the few that she connected with, and kindly compared me to other reputable writers that I can't dream to match at all. But what was so heartwarming about her email is that I could put a smile on her face with my silly words. Thank you Heather for the awesome email:) 

So some things pay off in an unexpected way. I could have 1000 people hating  my book, and only two of them liking it in that way. And believe me, that's more than enough.

And this brings me that I'm joining in with fellow Indelibles who host a blogfest called INDIE-giving. It's a chance for anyone and everyone to take a day on their blog to be thankful. join them if you like. Plenty of lovely authors there too. Each author is giving away books this week in that event ( I have given all my books free this month so I guess I will be spared lol )

Happy Thanksgiving

Talk to you soon, Monster and Fairytales:)


  1. Now I know what I need to live up to when I (hopefully) become an author!!
    Cam, you have the most amazing fans that any writer,(i.e Me), would hope to have. You are an amazing author, as I have said so before, and deserve only the best fans.
    Cameron Jace, keep being awesome and write incredibly good books. And if you ever want to see two girls fangirl about all the scene's between Decca and Leo, just come to Ireland and meet me and my friend bonnie.
    *Waves sheepishly and blushes*
    Mia xxxx
    P.S You inspired me to call my dog Leo and my fish Woo.

  2. Mia! thank you so much. You always send me those awesome message that life me up. I am really curious about the fish called Woo :) And i'd I always wanted to visit Ireland, maybe some time in the future, who knows.
    say hi to Bonnie:)

  3. Thanks for participating! I recently downloaded I AM ALIVE during your free promotions week. And I absolutely loved it. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to reading the rest of them too!

  4. Thank you Laura:) Hope you do like the rest of the series.

  5. Just found you last week on amazon and got all the grimm prequels! LOVE THEM! Can't wait for Snow White Sorrow! Haven't tried I Am Alive but will definitely get to them :)

  6. thank you ebaker. Let's hope Snow White Sorrow comes asap. and maybe you'd like I Am Alive too :)

  7. Being an English teacher I am an avid reader and came upon your Grimm Diaries Prequel 1 when it was offered free on the top 100 kindle list. I was instantly hooked. I immediately looked up all your kindle books and purchased what I could. I waited patiently for the return of your "I Am Alive" book and grabbed it as soon as I saw it was available again. I now do a quick swing by your page weekly keeping my eye out for the next prequel and anything else you might put forth. Both of your series are wonderful. (I've even suppressed the teacher in me to over look the minor errors) I have recommended your books to several people looking for a good read. Thank you for your unique and inspired take on the classical fairy tales, and for taking the leap in publishing your work for others. XD

  8. Hey, that was an awesome message:) Thanks for your interest in both series. Usually those who like the Grimm Diaries aren't that fond I Am Alive so you're making me really happy. Prequel 7 is coming out very soon. I'll blog about it.
    and if you think you have any good advise for me as an English teacher, please email me: camjace [at] . I'd like to learn all I can.