Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Grimm Diaries Prequels

Today I finished what was keeping me busy for the whole week. As you might know I claim that I have written a new series that tells the truth about fairy tales ( please don't throw tomato at me. Apples, I am fine with )
Anyway, to give a hint about what the Grimm Diaries will read like, I decided to publish around seven short stories ( around ten thousand words each ) that I call the Grimm Diaries Prequels.
So what in the name of the Evil Queen is that?!!
Ok. The Grimm Diaries series is a collection of diaries of fairy tale characters, telling the truth about the tales that the Grimm Brothers once forged for reason of their own. -- Or so I claim. Sorry Grimms. I have German blood in me too so not offense. These diaries are collected in a seven volume that is called --- ummm , guess what? the Grimm Diaries . Taraaa!
So every diary has some mini entries, small writings of things that were thought of a trivial in a day that wasn't that full of events. This is what the Grimm Prequels are ... with a twist .. that what's written in them is by no means trivial.
Each of the Grimm Prequels is also told by one of the fairy tales character, and will give the reader a great insight of what this series is about -- i have to remind you that this a YA, paranormal, adventure, fantasy, fairy tale retelling, and romance series ( what genre haven't I left out? ) By that i mean there is no erotica in it, since many retellings do favor that part. There are some scary scene but that isn't the theme of the series. If I am allowed to say, I would say it's like nothing I have ever read -- and i write books that I wish have been written but weren't. The series theme is FUN. I like fun books, stir some romance, two grains of paranormal, so chilli emotional horror, and mixed with jokes and silliness, then add a lot of sugary adolescence,  and let boil seven times.

Of course at the end if the day, you might feel you want to crush me with an honest review if you're picky about grammar issues and some other editorial stuff i can't afford right now. But stick with me. I might one day make it to the 101 book in the 100 hundred bestseller list. Who knows.

I know I can't stop talking ( which might be the reason why I write ) so this is an announcement for the Grimm Diaries Prequels.
If you do kindly read them and have questions please do email on catch somewhere on the internet. T

And again, the series is only a teaser for the bigger series The Grimm Diaries which I think I will publish its first book next October. It's called Snow White Sorrow

So here is a list with the kindle teasers for the Grimm Diaries

Snow White Red Blood
Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder
If Butterflies Could Kill
A Dream within A Dream

P.S. I did want the teaser series on kindle to become absolute free, but said it isn't possible and that the lowest price could only be 0.99
They offer five days free which i will use and will blog about the dates.


  1. I have the first set of prequels, read the first one and am already beyond hooked! I will be sharing your blog, books, and you in general with every one i know. Very interesting point of view on these stories that I grew up loving and dreaming of.

  2. thank you Rose:) please do spread the word:)

  3. when does the second book come out?

  4. I loved snow white blood red, and can not wait for the next book. In the mean time I have read the prequels, and am hooked!! When does the next book come out?

  5. i read the first six and love them i read parts to my husband and now he is reading them and he dosent read....not even the book i wrote about him lol but him and i both love your books

  6. i've only read Mary Mary Quite Contrary and since then, I can't keep myself from searching the web for more!

  7. I have read all the prequels, and both the books. Love the stories and the twist on what we thought we knew about beloved characters of old. Thank you for your imagination, your humor, and bringing out a little bit of the darkness. As for the reason I am writing, one question "when please are you releasing another book". I have shared all the prequels and both the books with my family. They have really just started and now they are hooked. It's kinda funny to watch a group of three to five people walking their dogs on the Vallejo waterfront with their heads down and glued to their Kindle. They are all happy for now but I need more. Well I'm done going on, have a great day and again thank you for the great reads.

  8. I can't seem to find these books in soft or hardback for my kid, is it even available in these formats other than eBook?