Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I love the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

Today I felt a  little bored. I usually don't.
But then I realized that I was exhausted to boredom, which by that I mean I was exhausted and needed to rest. Resting isn't my biggest asset though. To me resting usually means that I have to surrender to getting bored for a while.
Since I decided to take the day off from everything, I found myself driving away to visit a firend sixty miles away. She is an artist. One hell of a painter.
On my way, I got a couple of phone calls, replied to a couple of tweets and had a conversation with a friend I made in a Waffle House.
Bur none of that did it for me.
Taking a day off didn't exactly mean staying in bed all day or watching too much tv and ordering food. Taking a day off, meant i want to do something irrational, irresponsible, and illogical, like riding a roller coaster three time in a row.
Then I met with my friend. She opened the door all spattered in paint. She was working on something.
And that's when the light bulb shimmered in my head. I wanted to drive back instantly cause I knew what I needed to do. We fluff talked and I gave her a peck on cheek and said i gotta go. My friends are ok with that. They know me well. I am an artist, they are artists, and we all respect the sudden change in mood and the emotional urge to do something right now.

On the way back, I found one old copy of the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho in my trunk. Haven't red that book in years. But it was like a sign. I laughed and went home.

Once I got in, I picked up my guitar, plugged in, played out loud all that I can.

This is what I needed all the way. Like my painter friend when I saw her all spattered in paint, i envied her. This what I needed to do right now. Spatter some paint, scream out loud, sing a new song, do something that kinda widen the space in my heart and makes me feel alive,

That's what relaxing is for me.

And that was the Alchemist was about, a book that implies that you need to take the journey outside only to discover that you had all you need here, inside, so long ago. The Shepperd boy had his treasure buried where slept every night before he decided to search all over the world for it.
my friend was smarter. She needed to spatter some paint in her house.
I need to strum my guitar to release my energy.

I wonder what's your thing? To find it, the trick is to look, but not look hard so you don't miss it.

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