Thursday, May 17, 2012

Questions about Snow White Sorrow

I just watched the Breakfast Club and Labyrinth back to back and I never get bored out of the two movies.

So I am going to change my book blurb. Taraaaa!

Although it's a mystery to me how many books Snow White Sorrow sounds like, I will do it.

I could have kicked my self with a sponge hammer in my head if I have written a book was actually written before, because then either I am a Clairvoyant or an utter lame writer who puts so much effort copying someone's else book than writing his own. I have written 12 unpublished books, If they are copied, I deserve to be shot with paintball guns in public.

Ah, and i forgot to mention that my previous book under my other pen name was recently optioned for film. (I'll post about it soon since i wrote that book 5 years ago and it's not like the books I write now )

and please, I am not bragging. I do love writing and do write the kind of stories I would like to find on bookshelves but don't. Although it seems otherwise at the moment, I have never read anything like the Grimm diaries. I guarantee that these books are super original. That they are good or not, that's the readers verdict, not mine. Still, I'll be always grateful I wrote them.

I am extremely appreciative to the reviewers who have taken interest in Snow White Sorrow and commented or reviewed it before they read it. I wouldn't have seen the resemblance if not for your reviews and comments.

Even though I wouldn't have wanted to mention other writers and their magnificent work, I owe you explanations.

Before I explain, I am sure of two things. One, that Snow White Sorrow is one of the most original ideas ever. I've written 12 books and chose to put this out first specifically because of its originality.
Two, this blurb just tells the first 30 pages of the book. I wrote it this way because I didn't want to give anything away, so even if it sounds like anyone else, it really doesn't affect the book. ( I am thinking of making the first 5 chapters available online for free. )

So I had to read Anna Dressed in Blood and what a good book this is. Super entertaining that I am officially a Kendra Blake fan. And thank God it has nothing to do with mine, unless you count the idea of  a monster girl in house copycatting, which would be crazy since it's an ancient plot device used in Supernatural, the TV series, and so many other books and films before.

And about the fact that Loki finds a girl filled with rage, I can't change that. I tried to talk to my Snow White in the book but she snarled at me on page 666 with her fangs and demon eyes. I can't do anything about it. Her character is much stronger than me.

Now to the fact that she spared Loki's life. How I wish I didn't write that because it's not that important. The truth is that when Loki and Snow meet for the first time, she will asks him to save her, and then the story really rolls on. My heart is aching as I am writing this. I didn't want to expose this part. Waaa. Besides, she has to spare Loki, because when you know who Loki really is, you'll will agree that she has to spare him.

Now about Cassandra Clare's City of Bones which I actually read some time ago. Even while the world building of the book is awesome, and the character Jace ( which is my last name ) reminds me a lot of Draco Malfoy, I liked him. And I remember liking Magnus Bane.

So Cassandra Clare has Shadowhunters. I have Dreamhunters. How can this be considered a similarity.  Shadowhunters kill demons and other worldly creatures if I remember correctly, and they are invisible to most humans? Correct me if I am wrong.

Dreamhunters kill immortals in their dreams where the dreamer can dream of any situation he likes to make it harder for the Dreamhunter to kill him. The Dreamworld is controlled by a Sandman Grimm ( I won't expose who that is ) who knows the truth about fairy tales and hides the real stories in the dreams of the immortal. The dreamworld is made of six levels, so if you bury a fairy tale demon in the last level, you have buried it six Dreams under, which probably will be the title for the third books in the installments It's more Inception, if anything.

Huh. I exposed so much. But it's ok. Snow White Sorrow is more fun than dark, and is more about characters than world building, although i'd like to believe that the dream world I created is interesting.

And about the cover resemblance, I do believe that I am going to change it a little bit. In the original photo, Snow White is pale like vampires, which I changed and think I should make her pale again. Also the tattoos are important for the plot, I could pass on them. What really matters to me is for you to see a Snow White that looks innocently like the girl next door but is a vicious and scary as Dracula. It's the Snow White i like, not the giddy, doe eyed, helpless girl presented in Disney. This one is a kickass Snow White and her story is very interesting. Think of her as Snow White written by Joss Whedon ( this how the real snow white was presented in the original tales but I will blog about this later )

Finally, when I wrote this blurb and uploaded the cover, I thought that what interests you would the fact that Snow White is a vampire, and how I could pull this idea out and back it up? I thought that killing immortals in their dreams is awesome and original ( and it is ). And I thought seeing a dark young Snow White who is both innocent looking and has blood dripping lips was the biggest attraction of all

I have to thank my friend Shujun Wong for such and amazing photography for the cover. She also hated my changes to the cover so I think I will post her original cover for you to decide.

At the end, thanks again for anyone who has put effort and input into mentioning the book and commenting. Soon enough, I will be sending out ARC's and the confusion will be definitely solved.

I wrote this very long blog mainly so you understand that when I tweak the blurb, I am not trying to deceive anyone. I am actually honored if my book is compared to such names you mentioned. Only it's not a copycat in anyway. Not to sound bragging or so, but the Grimm Diaries is more original than all of the books you mentioned. 
The only book more original than mine would be Snow, Glass, Apples, by Neil Gaiman which I give two thumb up for those who commented about it, since it was a great inspiration. It's just that Snow Glass Apples was too short for me and too dark. I wanted a full length idea on what if Snow White were a vampire, and fun.scary book.

ps. the man who discovered Nutella still has my vote for president. I am an addict.

Also what I found would be better is that whatever you want to ask me about Snow White Sorrow, you can ask in the comment and I'll answer as long as it doesn't give away the plot.


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  2. Hey Dani. It will be out October 2012.

  3. I saw that your book wasn't available in iTunes iBook store. I have really been wanting to read this book it's caught my attention since I saw the cover an not only that it brings new life to the title Snow White. Can you tell me where I can get it? Or if there is some possible way to get an ARC from you?

  4. Hi Stephani, Snow White Sorrow has been delayed to most probably January 2013. I will post about it and its release date soon. If you follow the blog or follow me on twitter @cameronjace you'll know about it:)

    1. Really? Well that's ashame I was really looking forward to reading it for this month. Any specific reason for the delay sure I'll follow you on twitter I'm mostly on there only sometimes to I come onto my google account.

    2. Really? Well that's ashame I was really looking forward to reading it for this month. Any specific reason for the delay sure I'll follow you on twitter I'm mostly on there only sometimes to I come onto my google account.

  5. the reason for delay is that I've only been self-publishing 6 month ago. I learned a lot in that time that could now make the book much better (in matters of storytelling) which is what I am working on now.

    1. Oh that's completely understandable well I comend you on self publishing. Well I look forward to read your story. In the meantime I'll be reading your other work to keep me busy. I'll post a review of it on goodreads and my google and twitter account.

  6. Hey I was just wondering where I could get your book. I've been looking on Amazon for it and haven't been able to find it. I'm so excited to read it after I've read most of the prequels. Little Red Riding Hood and the Moongirl are my favorites so far.